Branch out for a richer harvest.

We have investments for every taste, need, and investor. Discover our range of products, services, and subsidiaries. Invest in yourself and grow your financial future with us.

Fixed-rate investments.

Grow your savings worry-free with guaranteed returns.

Need a safe place to park your savings? With a fixed-rate GIC, both your return and initial investment are 100% guaranteed. That way you can stay focused on your goal.

A safe and cashable option for short-term goals.

In addition to offering you returns on your money, a term deposit gives you the security of a GIC with shorter terms and more flexibility should you need your money sooner.

Invest in the market without the risk.

Looking for an investment with high return potential and minimal risk? Our ActionGIC is a market-linked GIC that gives you access to the stock market while fully protecting your principal.

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