Safe and cashable for short-term goals.

When it comes to flexibility, here’s a term deposit you can bank on. Earn interest on your money while enjoying the security of a GIC. Better yet, you have the option to cash out your funds after 30 days.

Peace of mind.

Risk-free investing.

With a term deposit, your initial investment is 100% guaranteed, which means your principal amount is always protected.

Safe investment.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed rate of return for the term of your investment.

Attractive rates and flexibility. No need to lock up your money and throw away the key. Because term deposits are cashable without penalty after 30 days, they offer all the financial flexibility you need. If you’re trying to decide between a chequing account or a term deposit for your savings, there’s no comparison. Earn an attractive rate with the flexibility of redeeming early.



Minimum investment



7 months

Eligible for registered plans



Cashable without penalty after 30 days

Interest payment

Paid at maturity

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